What Matters

She stands in front of the mirror,

She doesn't know what to do,

Her hair, she swears it's a fashion horror,

But I don't really care,

(Chorus 1)

Oh babe can't you see,

Some say you could be better,

You're perfect to me

She walks around in bum-sweat-pants all day,

And Tee shirts dulled from all the years of wear,

She wonders why I like her in shit-brown capris,

But I don't really care,

(Not about that)

(Chorus 2)

Baby can't you see,

They look at your odd surface,

That doesn't matter to me,

She cries and she cries,

Always beating herself up for mistakes she's made,

She looks me in the eyes,

Caressing her face, she wonders why I stay,

(Chorus 3)

Baby can't you see,

When you cry I hurt inside,

Because you matter to me,

Nobody else can see,

It's not the looks or the act,

It's you that matters to me,

...Sooner or later you'll start to agree.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another sweet song.

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Emmy Louch's picture

hey, thanks for the comment on my poem :) i really like this one, it's easy to understand and it really means something :) it's beautiful. you're an amazing writer. xxx