Room Full Of Toys

Mommy took me to a doctor today but not the painful one,

She takes me because she loves me and she worries about her son,

The doctor was really nice to me so I didn't make any noise,

I really like it alot when she showed me the room full of toys,

She asked me why I don't talk anymore and why I cry so much,

I told her because I'm sad sometimes but I don't know about what,

Asking about daddy tho completely crossed the line,

I don't wanna talk about him because I always cry,

Mommy take me to the doctor today but not the painful one,

Because I want you to say you love me, your one and only son.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

profound piece , made me think about the angers my 8yr grandson displays and the fact his dad is out of the picture. My grandson is very smart but has a lot of anger issues.Maybe a missing dad that he hears talk of school chums what they do,where they go etc is a jealousy thing that has become such an inner pain it is acted out in anger.