Lisa K.

I have a secret,

Keep it safe,

Don't you spread a word I say,

I have a crush,

A crush-I say,

I have crush on Lisa K.

Now don't you spout,

A word I tell you,

Say one thing and I will kill you,

I'll beat your ass,

I'll make you pay,

If you say one word to Lisa K.

She's so damn hott,

I want her bad,

I dreamed her once-I know it's sad,

I think I did,

What can I say,

It's one big crush on Lisa K.

Look there she goes,

And she's so yum,

Oh-holy-shit-now, here she comes,

"Hey there J.."

She knows my name,

And in my pants I think I came

Yeah I know,

It's such a shame,

I have no balls and I'm so lame,

I have a crush,

What can I say,

I have a crush on Lisa K.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

All the names in this poem are strictly fictitious... but if they were real, well, Lisa would be the hottest girl I've ever seen, with the most heartfelt smile and geeze... did I mention she's absolutely yummy?

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this one rocks!!!!!!!!