My Piggy-bank For Your Puppy-Love

I'm gunna take my piggy-bank over to the wishing well,

To wish for things b'tween me and you to be like a fairy tale,

I'm only eight n' a half now and you are almost nine,

But half the coins in my piggy-bank are gunna make you mine,

I'll wish for luv with all my quarters - the shiny ones too,

To make a happuly-ever-after come around just for me and you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another hopeless romantic poem, this was inspired by a friend that I always played with as a child. First best female friend.

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Ladina Miles's picture

very cute!!! It takes me back to my first crush...those were the days...haha...when all you had to do was write a note that said..."Do you like me?...check yes,no or maybe".