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I will always remember how almost every Sunday in the morning my family and I go to my grandfather’s house in Escobedo; in there I always meet with one of my uncles, Marco. He was a great guy with a crazy attitude. Marco was like 10 years older than me. He was always a great fan of anime, manga, comics, video games, and even zombies; specially the ones from Resident Evil. But the thing that he always loved was Saint Seiya (or Los caballeros del Zodiaco, here in Mexico), a Japanese cartoon about zodiac warriors. He was a fan of these anime since it was aired in Mexico, he told me that every morning that the show was aired, he wake up early and watched the show. When I see him, he showed me the show, he told me stories about it and he even draw me the characters and most of the times he showed me his endless figurines, he have a lot, like between 50 figurines, I think and also he spend almost all of his money on them. We even made little representations of the series and we made the poses that they made in the show and shouted the catch phrases of the characters. Every 6 months we go to the comic convention here in Monterrey and we bought many things like crazy hats, Yu-gi-oh! Cards, dragons on my part and in his part the figures of the series and many other things. When I was little when we go, we wake up like between 6 am to make a row to enter in there, this was on Saturday or in Sunday and we stayed almost all day long in there. Now that I grow up, when I visited him, in his house, we played video games, eat meat and drink monster. We had a lot of fun with them and more when I played with his daughter videogames and other kind games. Once on my birthday, he specially gave me a figure of Pisces, my zodiac sign and I treasured it because it was strange that he give up one of his figures of his collection. I must say that because him, I’m the person that I’m right now because of him, I always was close to anime/manga, comics, cartoons and videogames, thing that made me from my personality and also, because of this I meet with a lot of persons and a lot of them became my best friends and I will be always thankful for this now and forever.

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