First Love...First Heartbreak


Did you miss me?

Did you love me?

Do you love me?

I do.

I always have.

I miss your hold.

I miss being able to fall into you.

Burry my face in your chest.

Take in your sweet succulent aroma.

Take deep breathes of it in.

Imagine how it is even possible for someone to smell as heavenly as you.

I smile and giggle at the thought.

You chuckle along with me,

clueless to the joke,

but giddy at the sight of my voice lifting above our heads,

filling the air,

and engulfing us in pleasant thoughts

and pleasant dreams.

I seep into you more.

Close my eyes tighter.

Take in a bigger whiff of your heavenly scent.

I take in another

and sink deeper.

Take in another,

and sink deeper.

Take in another,

and sink even deeper.


then I hear something rumbling in your chest,

seeping up in your esophagus,

Swelling with swirling with in you mouth,

pushing past your lips.

I brace for those words that I have prayed to hear

from you for so many months.

“I think we should see other people.”

Oblivious to your actual words,

I say,

“I love you, too.”

I immediately,


peel myself from your chest and look up

at you.


You just smile and repeat,

“I think we should see other people.’

The looks as if you should be saying

you love me.

But in reality,

It speaks words the shatter my heart completely.

My first love.

My first heart break.

I had seen the words I seek

form on those lips many times before towards me.

I was just too deafened

by love

to hear it.

And now,

with my ears,

my heart,

my soul,

my mind,

my mouth,

my arms

wide open.

I take the direct hit.

I take the direct blow.

I am vulnerable.

I am unarmed.

And you are armed to the teeth with your words.

I fall.

I shatter.

I miss you.

I always will.

I will always love you,

with all my heart.

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divysia's picture

wow ..... i think i rather

wow ..... i think i rather have your situation my guy wanted to be with my friend.......he was my first love too 8'(

i been there n back, Im happy to be back

WillowHeart's picture


Awww... i'm sorry you were with such a jerk. And since he acted like that, he really didn't deerve to even breathe the same air as you, let alone date you.

Willow Heart