I am

I am an artist

One with a twist

My brush is my blade

My canvas my wrist


I am a director

But Hollywood isn’t my place

My video ends with a bang

With a bullet to my face


I am a daredevil

No parachute at all

When I take a leap

The ground stops my fall


I am an explorer

Going places I don’t know well

I’ve got one more place to go

A little place called Hell

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I almost was the artist, but I stoped

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Well, hell can be kinda

Well, hell can be kinda fun,

but it's a little too hot for me.

Escaping is a bitch,

but it can be done

one can break free. 

I'm the proof,

I've been there and back.

But it aint easy,

I can tell you that.

Be careful on your trip to hell,

I'll throw you a rope,

if you ring the toll bell.



Copyright © morningglory

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I can't clime very high But I

I can't clime very high

But I guess I'll try

The only time I used a rope

Was on a chair and around my throat

( not realy, but it sounded good!)

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Yeah, it did. Good job! :)

Yeah, it did. Good job! :)

Copyright © morningglory