Hate is

Pain in the soul

Hate is a tool

Hate is my drive

Hate keeps me cool

Hate keeps me alive

Hate lets me free

It’s easier than to forgive

Hate is in me

It’s the reason I live

From hate stems vengeance

Vengeance is sweet

For it I’d go the distance

Vengeance keeps me on my feet

Vengeance means resistance

Resistance of surrendering

Resistance of pain

Resistance of logical reasoning

Resistance starts gain.

And Hate is the tool,

That starts the ball

And while it may be cruel

I have them all

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just hadd to get it out

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i love this, it expresses my deepest emotions that dwell within whats left of a stone heart

I Cannot Move On, I Cannot Go Back.  For I Am Lost In a Memory Of A Lost Love.