Pain in the soul


You’re lost, you’re gone

Gone away like a beautiful song

Your life faded away

To be seen another day

You fled from this life

Ran away from your strife

I could have helped; you could have come to me

But you were lost, lost in misery

  I didn’t want to hear the news

And I started to accuse

I thought of your dad,

Who made me so mad

Beat you when he was drunk,

Did his drugs like a punk

He’s the reason you ran away,

He’s the reason you’re not hear today

When you died, I felt a tear

I wished you had stayed up here.

Wanted to go to Heaven

And bring you out, to live past eleven. 

But I can’t find you, you are lost.

If I could I’d find you, no matter the cost.

I’d run through Hell

Fight Satan as well

Just for you to be back

I’d go on the attack

While your soul is lost, mine is shredded

Blown away by the wind, but I know where it’s headed

Right to your arms it will go

To a place only lovers know.

You’re no longer lost, no longer gone

You’ve come back, like a beautiful song.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sorry if this is not very refined.  I hop[e you enjoy this.  Please comment if you liked it.  R.I.P EMS

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Bloodbutterfly's picture

This is impressive!!

I've read plenty of rhyming poems and never have I read one that touched me so! It was simply wonderful and really made me stop and think on it... It was a great poem and your emotions diffinatly shine through! 

You can only be as beautiful as you tell yourself you are, but you can't let beauty get to your head.