Certain Thing About Perfection


They said perfection never existed
They say perfection is only a myth
The urban legend of society
The fiction based into many mysterious facts

Certain thing's about perfection
Constantly undefined
Constandly unexplained
And continue to question the definition

Perfection exists only whether in belief
Perfection discovers potential
Perfection is what you see in your two eyes

Perfection is never dressed down
Perfection is never dressed up
Perfection doesn't define true beauty

Certain thing's about perfection
Probably do exist to certain people
Certain thing's about perfection
Can relate towards someone's personality
And everything else a humungous bonus

Certain thing's about perfection
Is what you see, is what you notice
Is what you know that stands out?
Is most likely to be some encouragement for perfection

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About Perfection. I think we all have it in our Souls. It doens't have to be the BIG THING's to notice; For example: Beauty doesn't have to be Epic, it could be Natural & specific details about them they offer does't have to be accounted by what they look like or what they do. I think it's a nice way of thinking of someone rather than put to judgement, seeing as I'm not the most Beautiful person out there, but other people do, that care. Which makes me want to give a Shit! About myself, and have huge amounts of confidence because of knowing.. That.

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Nobody's perfect. Or maybe

Nobody's perfect. Or maybe every body's perfect. There still something to be said for looking someone right in the eyes. Something to be said that only the eyes can tell.

Copyright © morningglory

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Nobody's perfect. Or maybe

Exactly!.. and I truly believe that. Thanks for the comment! :)

~*~ [ Blessed Be ] ~*~