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My name is Daniel Quintanilla, I am 18 years old; from Monterrey, Mexico which is a city up north on Mexico and kind of close to the USA and one of the most important of the country. Right now I´m studying architecture at the University of “Tecnologico de Monterrey”. Right now I am just starting to learn Italian, because in some years I would really like to study for some time in Italy to learn as much of architecture as I can, and to travel, because I really love to travel around the world and meeting different people from around the world.
I like a lot practicing sports. I have spent all my life swimming, I was on the swimming team of my high school and I was great at it, I also like running, playing soccer and other things.
On my weekends I like to do all kinds of things, I like a lot hanging out with my friends on the afternoons and then going to different clubs at night and of course I like going to the movies on the Sunday.


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