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I remember how my childhood summer vacations’ were dazzling and adventurous. My grandparents owned an apartment in San Diego California, it was very near the beach, it wasn't very big but had everything a person would need in order to live there. My grandparents liked to take all the grandchildren there. My grandpa would make every morning special with his hand-crafted pancakes. He woke up every morning, and go to the local store to buy pancake mix, butter, and milk. He had different recipes to satisfy each children preference. Whether Alberto wanted traditional buttermilk pancakes, whether Camila wanted with blueberries, whether Carolina wanted with colorful sprinkles my grandpa was always ready to make his delicious breakfast recipe and have his grandkids happy. My personal favorite was chocolate chip pancakes. This kind of pancake was thick, brownish, soft and warm with a touch of unique sponginess. My grandpa is a serious businessman, but when he cooked pancakes he transformed into the nicest human being, it seemed his heart melted like butter. He spent every morning in the summer, his vacation time, to make the mix, batter the ingredients, and the special touch, all of these to create the magical pancakes. My cousin Carolina woke up to watch my grandpa from the distance of our room. She invited me to watch and be mesmerized by the beauty of the transformation of the mix. To us, cooking was an adult activity that seemed difficult and dangerous, but still, we wanted to do in the future. We watched how he managed the ingredients, how he knew the exact amount of milk to pour into the blue bowl without looking to a recipe. I remember how quickly and precise his movements were, how my grandpa coordinated his hands in order to mix up everything together without leaving any kind of a mess, he seemed like a flawless human being. I personally, was impressed by how easily he could flip the pancakes, he made it seem pancakes flew and landed on the perfect side. His procedure was harmonic, everything seemed to have a perfect timing in order to have the greatest taste ever. In order to have a great day, he said, you must have a great breakfast. I can easily reassure you he is an expert in making that possible, without any doubt he left the greatest breakfast memories imprinted in all the Covarrubias’ cousins. 

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A Beautiful memory, vivid in

A Beautiful memory, vivid in detail. Be proud of that and well written aswell. Good read.

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