the struggles of this hard life are fought in silence

in the struggles of this day to day life
hard battles are fought 
scars are worn like badges of courage
that only the broken can see 
the years show clear on my face that's seen
more than its share
I'm torn in places where there should be no places 
but I'm harboring how I feel
except in my trashcan poetry
death without dying
is oh so real
I remember how the warmth of woman 
was a stark contrast to the winter of life
but when she left my heart turned to ice
the brilliant sounds of her voice ring bright as the sun 
just beyond the darkness where the memories haunt me 
oh how my demons taunt me 
as I turned my collar to the cold and damp
I dreamed that I was standing on a stage
reciting dying lines of my own poetry
and she just turned an walked away
leaving me standing alone 
the struggles of this hard life 
are fought in silence

~ D Donner ~

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The Last Six

Lines are really good.

That's how it is

In more ways then one.