Just the tracks they left behind

I remember watching sunsets over the gore
with colors a thousand rainbows mixed 
together could not duplicate
it feels like the whole world 
is just beyond that horizon 
down below the head waters of colorado river 
meanders through the mountains towards its long 
awaited destination some fourteen hundred miles away
steep and blue are the canyon walls as darkness 
settles in 
I stand alone in the whistling wind feeling it caress 
my skin like a thousand tiny magic fingers 
in these mountains I'm finding peace within myself 
something I find hard to find 
oh how they must of felt 
the mountain men and Indians 
who first traveled through this land 
no railroad 
no power lines 
no roads
just the tracks they left behind


~ D Donner ~ 1982

Author's Notes/Comments: 

See !

I just wanted to show You  that I used to write Happy ones 


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That is so beautiful, I could

That is so beautiful, I could see and feel it all. How wonderful to be in such a place. Sue.