God a Puppet Master ?

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I was told God is not a puppet master
Look to the other one for that.
Puppet master ?
No I think not
For a puppet master actually does something
I think God and Lucifer are just names
to try to explain an justify good and bad
what kind of God/Gods are they when they let
the world run amuck
stone-throwing anarchists rebelling against
authoritarianism killing each other over
whose god is better
If there is such a God then I bear the mark of Cain
I swore a oath to defend the constitution and laws of the United States
against all enemies, foreign and domestic
I've seen good
I've seen good people die
for no other reason than just because
I've seen evil close enough to spit in it's eye
and I've seen everything in between
on the battlefield I've seen no sign of any gods
the closest thing to a angel I've seen is a medic
dodging bullets facing evil to do some good
Puppet master ?
No I think not
For a puppet master would actually do something

~ D Donner ~
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KindredSpirit's picture

I actually like

Your writings.

( yeah,  i have to like something  )

There are so many reasons I can't respond

In a puppet like fashion here

But foremost is just the difficulty

Of punching the letters into

the little device that i am using.

( if i would of been better, God would of bought

Me something better )  lol

Damn . Lucifer ,  he never leaves me alone.

Yeah , thats the ticket.  ( true )



The subject matter is so vast.

It is like the Gulf between two different Worlds.

Daniel-59's picture

Don't get Me wrong

Don't get Me wrong KS

I believe there's a force of some type out there
a good and bad  
I just refuse to participate in organized religion's
of Any Form !
I lean more to the Spiritual side of things 
self meditation instead of prayers
if you're at peace with your self then you have a shot 
at it with the rest of the world 
the 10 commandments would not be a bad guide to live by
were they given to us from a burning bush ?
Probably Not 
there's bad men who have done good things 
an good ones who have done bad 
that's just the way of the world 
~ D D ~

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces