I Love You Too

If soulmates truly exist

I've found mine in you

The connection we felt

We cannot undo

Actions speak louder than words

Or so it's said

The words I can't find

But I know my mind can't be read

I wish I could've told you

Just How I felt

Like the way you looked at me

Caused my heart to melt

You said we were too different

But I think we're a lot alike

And being without you

Just doesn't feel right

I'd rather have you as a friend

Than not have you at all

If that's all there can ever be

Then that's fine, it's your call

There is no filter between my heart and hands

You were right, it's true

I guess what I really want to tell you

Is that I love you too

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem in dedication to someone I truly care about but am no longer with. Written 12/07/09.

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