Is This Real

Have I told you yet how i feel

Every time I see you

The feeling is so unreal

I've never felt this way before

My heart skips beats when I hear your voice

Your kiss makes me want you even more

Even when I'm not with you

I see your face

Do you see me too

It's hard to express how deep this is

I wish it wasn't so hard to tell you

Maybe if I could just show you you'd see it

Your touch drives me crazy

I melt in your arms

When you whisper to me my mind gets hazy

You make me feel respected

Without saying a word

With you I never feel rejected

When I'm with you I like who I am

You bring out my best qualities

I feel perfect in your hands

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this a few years back to my first serious boyfriend when I was around 18.

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