Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater.

Cheaters don’t deserve to be happy

For all the pain they cause

They blame it on their partner

Because their relationship has its flaws

They don’t take responsibility

For what they say and do

They cover up the truth with lies

And let it all come down on you

Without any consideration

For the heart they are bound to break

They push you to your limits

Until it’s all too much to take

A cheater will never change

For that we have our proof

Once a cheater always a cheater

Is honestly the truth

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Actually you are correct. 8 out of 10 guys have cheated once or continue to have sexual, annonymous relations on the side. Every guy I know has cheated and/or continues to do so. Even the most sincerest of guys, even the most truthful of married men that I know, have done so. Its practically an underground secret. Men always, always find a way to cheat. Believe me, I know!