After Hours - Dark, Evil, Magic.


The stars twinkle in the night sky. Wondrous constellations displayed for all the world to see. My worrisome thoughts distracted from all the heavy burdens laid upon my shoulders and the meaningless conversation surrounding. Beauty in the heavens, God's gift to mankind. Portrayal of His ever being. One thought. One memory. Stars, beauty, person. You. Nights spent sparking interests and growing kinship. Love placed in the palm of my hand. So warm; a perfect match. Perfectly fitting, grasping tight. Protective. Not letting me fall. Not letting the shadows of the night to harm me. Helping to guide me. Not allowing me to go astray. Arm wrapped around me and my head upon your chest. Hearts beating quickly in unison. One kiss. Soft, simple, serene. Years flying before my eyes. Happiness. Truthfulness. Serenity, Comfort, Joy. Precious moments forever trapped in time. Brought to life by my favorite scene.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love night, and I love you. I love the fact that they so often coincide.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

its really a very well written piece of writing pleading the logic of true life related issues.. like it an I went hrough some of your work and found you very genious but what makes me surprise is your absence after 2007 ... I reall wish to add that... dear friend you are talented you have to contribute more..I am sure you will love my innovative ideas... and peace dreams... love to hear from you about my few poems and I am willing to add your comments if in long way will be added to my 7th book.. 6 are already there... best of luck dear one..