See Me When I Dance

When you watch me dance, don't just watch me. 

I want you to see me. 

Know that in every step I leave behind bits and pieces of myself. 

In just a few minutes, I will expose to you all of my secrets.

My joy, my fears, my laughter, my tears.

I'm bringing that all to the stage. 

Spot lights hitting me from every angle, just in case a part of me tries to hide. 

See me and pay attention as your eyes take in ever fiber of me in its truest form.

Try not to judge me as my body sweats and bleeds and my heart thrives and beats in the only way it knows how.

To music.

Know behind every hit and pointed toe there is an indescribable passion.

A passion that not only thrills me and drives me. 

But a passion that I have risked my life for just so that I can be on this stage for a brief moment and show you my true colors. 

So please, this time when you watch me dance, know that I am telling you my story.

And don't just watch me.


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