Short Verse #8

A thousand years ago, I could have been working in a store in a small shack of a large town. Still having people then whisper in my ear the earth was flat, and that my place was there, sweeping the floor. The point of that would be as clear as the sky before indistury. Life, is only expierenced through the beholder of that person, That conciousness. Call it a soul, Pin it to a religion, spiritual or even atheisim. The one thing you cannot question, or doubt is your power to manifest your thoughts into actions. The power to comphrened that you are infact a Living Creature who has the compasity to think, learn, adapt. The ONLY known speicies who can contemplate the genocide of an entire world and the stars above them......

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a little thing that jumped into my head. Plus it has been awhile since I posted anything, been busy working and writing haha

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