The Ride

Lost Treasures

'The Ride'

It becomes a matter of being able to find the right words to express the power of my thoughts clearly and accurately. For so long I have used what little creative skill and imagination I possess to twist and mold so many of the same syllables in a futile attempt to convey an ungodly amount of thoughts and feelings. So many times I have felt as though the same blood has ran across the paper far too many times.
I can also remember when those words felt new and raw alive with their own passion behind them. How many times, I wonder how often I speak of my sanity, or the pain that this cruel life can inflict. The irony or perhaps the most profound beauty that which is the simple miracle of our existence. A broken record, stuck on repeat.
I have lost my way in my search for self discovery, abandoned to the roadside by my own doing. I have allowed the distractions to monopolize my intentions and with it slowly degrade my creative muse. I still cling like a child to the fictitious fantasy of that happy ever after fairy tale. Often catching myself dreaming of the different possibilities our actions make in this Illusion we have grown attached to.

I see this life differently than most, and for this I feel condemned to conceal my thoughts, my emotions. What is right? Where you see a home and untapped resources. I see a planet in a vast universe, and it's blood. Where you see random chance and convergence. I see complex codes, laws working in harmony with physics. Where you see diversity and cultural difference. I see a brother, a sister who can share the same emotional experience, no matter your looks or region.
In all my observations, the hardest to stomach. The civilized human who can kiss their son on the forehead before going off to some ill gotten war. All under a banner of freedom, a right only granted by their king. The civilized human must bow down before the crown right?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is from chapter 5 of my book "Damien's Lost Scripts" along with this Tangent there is "the beauty of the muse"

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Oh You have such a perfect

Oh You have such a perfect logic and warmth of compassion... *sigh... smile... there is bound to be more :) hugSS

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