Short Verse #7 *July 4, 2012*

Short Verse #7
*July 4, 2012*

How could I in good conscious enjoy or celebrate this holiday? Independence day; A hollowed meaning to what was once our greatest achievement. Where no man, woman, or rank could take away your god given rights. Here we are now, walking the ever dangerous, intent on spitting on the very constitution that has sealed our rights for so many years. Years of complacency has lured people into believing in a false sense of security, that their “rights” could never be taken from them, it would be just “uncivilized” Only what those automatons fail to realize is that the only thing keeping evil men from wrapping that noose around your neck are those declarations, those parchments. How can you say we are free, when unjust laws command me to buy or face taxation for something I do not want, and cannot afford. You can justify your reasons why this form of socialism is needed, you can even make excuses as to why you so clearly set it up the way it was but the truth of the matter, all distractions aside, the bottom line that no one wants to see, is the attack on our own personal liberties, to be secure in our own possessions, professions, and the god given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. With the every oppressing laws being forced to those who cannot even support their families is a violation to those rights and I will not participate in your lunacy, may you all find your bliss in your new slave nation.

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Just something that came to me a lil bit ago.

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