The Legacy of Sky: Chapters 1 and 2

The Legacy of Sky; A Forgotten Dynasty
“Tale of the two Brothers”

Chapter One

Thick white clouds escaped up towards the sky, mixing with the gentle breeze of the mid summer afternoon. It was a quiet day, and without warning the sounds of footsteps could be heard from down the road before him. Slowly he moved his glazed and bloodshot eye's to the direction in which the sounds were coming from. Walking down the soft dirt road was a small line of village maidens who were busy going about their daily chores, each one looked to be carrying a vase atop their head filled to the brim with fresh water, As each one passed by him without so much as acknowledging his presence there, except for one, the last girl to pass stopped for a second her eyes trailed down to the man laying below them...

The man was laying against a hill, up it would lead straight into the village, to the right of him was the trail that leads you to the creek and takes you to the main road, he laid there with his feet out stretched, wearing a dark almost black tanned lose fit trousers with a wool brown shirt, as her eyes trailed up his body, what shocked her the most about this man was his hair, it was a baby blue color, extremely odd for these parts his short bowl like haircut made it hard for her to see his eyes as they were covered by the vanes of his hair, in his mouth sat a small slender pipe, about half the size of any normal pipe. That is when the musky aroma hit her nose, it was strong and powerful she instantly knew what he was smoking, she knew that smell all to well. It was Opium or rather commonly known as Meconium, She despised people who smoked it, the town was falling apart because of that drug. Her curiosity turned to spite real fast, she turned her head towards a large building and without thinking she spoke to the stranger.

"You know, we have a Meconium den just right up the road" She tried to sound polite but her hate for the drug made it come out sarcastic..

When he didn't say anything she turned to leave but as she turned a soft voice broke the still air, "I like the view out here" the stranger replied.

She slowly turned her head down to the man, who was now looking up at her, she could see his eyes now, through the thick glaze and blood streaked veins her eyes almost got lost within his own baby blue pupils, then they slowly started to move, out past the dirt path, towards the horizon. Slowly she followed his eyes with her own a small smile escaped her lips, for in one single moment she was seeing what this stranger was seeing. She could have lived here most of her life, yet never truly saw it.

The sky was blue, there were but a few clouds in sight, some taking various forms of creatures within the heaven's gaze. The sun was trying to creep out from one of those clouds. Deep into the horizon, Snow could be seen resting on the tops of Mountains, Thick lush green trees blanketed the valley below them. Slowly she turned to look down at the man, she watched as he inhaled deep from the pipe, then slowly letting out the smoke as it drifted up before his face. gathering her courage she took the vase from her hands and set it to the ground as she walked over to the man sitting down in the soft green grass, just a few feet from him. She sat there for what seemed like hours but had really only been a few moments before she spoke..

"Why do you smoke that stuff? it will only destroy your life"

The man slowly took the pipe from his mouth with his right hand tipping it over dumping out the ashes, then placing it next to his swords which were propped up against the hill. Two katanas, they seemed to be custom made katanas at that. Calmly she turned her attention back to his eyes which were still glued to the horizon..
Suddenly his quiet voice broke the silence.
"Tell me, do you know what its like to have the faces of all your victims haunt you, day and night?”

Her courage was starting to fade fast as his words were creeping down her spine. She wanted to run away, move as far as she could from him, but something inside her told her that he wasn't going to hurt her, was it his blue eyes and hair that made her heart feel he was so innocent, or possibly something else?

All the words in her mind and she could only find to speak
"I..I am sorry to hear that"

The man crossed his hands behind his head supporting it, while he looked off into the distance, his eye lids were now halfway closed, "My name is Melody" she spoke softly as she slowly got to her feet. The man leaned his head back looking up through his half closed eyes. "Azarath Sky" he spoke in a low voice..

Melody smiled while she crouched down to pick up the vase once more, then she softly spoke "it was nice to meet you Sky, but I must go I have many chores to do."
By the time she was finished speaking, the vase was again on top of her head. Sky simply nodded his head as he turned his attention back to the horizon.

What seemed like only a few moments turned out to be a few hours as Sky sat there watching the distant places as his mind travels to where his heart desires. He slipped in and out of sleep a few times until suddenly his quiet rest was broken by the sounds of laughter. Slowly he turned his head to where the sound was coming from and there standing a few feet away were three men, two of them were huge, probably gorging themselves every night while many families starved, the last was a skinny man. They were all laughing and pointing fingers towards him, obviously making light of him. Paying them no mind Sky turned his head back straight, not even seconds later did he hear one of the big men just feet from him and was picking up his swords, laughing and joking with his buddies..

"See I told you he was too messed up to even notice" He shouted back to his buddies as they came walking up behind him..

"I only warn idiots once, put down my swords" Sky's voice boomed over their laughter..

By now all three of them were standing a few feet from him. Looking down at him as he stared up at them through his bloodshot eyes, The one who picked up his swords started laughing once again, as he took one sword throwing it to the other large man. A scar down his right eye was visible to see as he caught the katana.

"Oh and just what are you going to do about it" the scared man mocked Sky as he went about inspecting the blade.
Sky let out a soft sigh, slowly sitting up as the men continued to laugh and play around while looking at the katanas. In an instant Sky was on his feet, his left hand reaching out grabbing the hilt of the katana that was being held by the large man with the scar, while his right hand found the hilt of his other katana being held by the other large man, in the same motion sky brought his left foot up kicking the skinny man hard in the gut.

The sheer force alone sent him flying against a tree, with Sky's arms stretched out each hand on a hilt of his swords, he did a quick spin drawing them from their sheaths while at the same time the blades making contact on each of the large men, the right blade cutting the Scared man's other eye while the left blade slicing deep within the neck of the other large man.
Sky finished the spin he found himself facing the skinny man once again, his arms still out stretched slowly taking the swords turning their blades so that they are facing the ground. The large man to his right cupped his neck as he fell to the ground struggling to breath, it would only be a matter of seconds before the man died. The large man to his left with the scar held his other eye, to shocked to even scream, holding up the sheath shaking he dropped it while taking off running back down the dirt path. Sky quickly brought the blades around each tip briefly striking the ground cutting through the air at lightning speeds.

After he gathered up his belongings and sheathed his swords, he slung one sword over his right shoulder while the other over his left shoulder, slowly turning around he picked up his pipe and dropped it in his pocket within his trousers. Turning back to the horizon the moons were now starting to creep up from the mountains, as he let out another sigh..
"Why don't they just learn"
He thought to himself as he walked down the path towards the creek and main road. A nice relaxing bath was calling him as he slowly started to walk the creek bed.

Chapter Two

Sky slowly walked the river's bank, his old worn boots easily fitting to the uneven rocks that outlined this rather shallow creek. The villagers use this creek as a source of fresh water, slowly the bank gave way exposing a large pond with a fresh waterfall flowing down the side, it was not long before sky was undressed and in the water, after he briskly washed himself. He slowly swam to a near by bank, where he settled down enjoying the smooth currents of the water flow over his body.

His eyes shot open as he heard the sound of a twig snap behind him, next his head flung around as his eyes fixed on a shadow moving towards him, Sky's nerves slowly died down after he could make out who it was, when a lady stepped out from behind some bushes..

"I didn't mean to startle you" she spoke softly

Turning back around, closing his eyes he let out a sigh, how much he wanted to just be left alone. Yet people insisted on bothering him, Turning back around. Sky stood up as the water quickly rolled from his naked body.

"Your the Girl from town" he spoke with no emotion.

She nodded her head "Melody" she said.

Sky simply nodded watching her eyes as they were fixed to his body, Sky was skinny but toned his hair was of light complexity so there was little to no body hair on him, which made his battle wounds that much more visible, few scars could easily be recognized, her eyes continued to drift down until suddenly her cheeks began turning red, blushing. She quickly looked up into Sky's eyes which were now staring beside her at his clothes.

She quickly turned around
"I....I'm Sorry". She spoke as she grabbed his clothes tossing them to him, after a few brief moments she heard the water splashing behind her then a force just blow by her looking up just in time to see Sky walk off into the bushes.

As Sky walked through the forest he heard men running and shouting, stopping in his tracks he listened and watched on. Five men were running along the small trail most looked to be but simple peasants with swords, while the other looked to be of some military experience, a long axe strapped to his back. Only it was the way he carried himself that tipped Sky off, he pounded forward with no regards to what may lay ahead of him. A sign of any warrior.

They broke through the clearing to where Melody sat near the river's edge. Filling a small canteen with water she looked up and screamed, instantly recognizing the men she started to run along the river's bed with the men in pursuit. When she came up to the shallow creek bed she quickly took off running across it. Quietly praying she will be able to make it to the border. Turning around the men were less then ten feet away when suddenly she hit something hard, but before falling back into the water a hand quickly reached around grabbing her lower back supporting her, keeping her from falling. Looking up her breath escaped her lungs, it was Azarath Sky. His baby blue eyes could be seen behind his baby blue hair.
He quickly grabbed her right hand with his own right hand spinning her around to his side, just as the men came running up stopping just before Sky.

"Who are you?" one of the men shouted

Sky said nothing as he stood there, slowly turning his head, his eyes following even slower as he surveyed his surroundings. He was taught in his training that a true warrior was at one with his surroundings. He put his left hand into his pocket producing his small pipe, placing it to his lips. He then took his right hand placing it to the very tip of the hilt on his katana that was strapped to his left shoulder, this caused the men to jump slightly tightening their grip on their swords, Sky casually and slowly pulled a long slender metal rod from its hiding place within the hilt of his sword. As the rod's end became exposed it was red, embers from the intense heat sparked as it made contact with the air. He brought his hand down placing the tip of the rod into the bowl of his pipe as he took a large puff from it. Then very quickly slid the rod back into it's hidden chamber..

Again the men shouted as Sky slowly inhaled the smoke
"Do you plan to stand in our way, The girl is ours! hand her over"

"By what rights do you claim ownership of this woman?" Sky spoke calmly. His eyes were beginning to slowly glaze over as Melody stood there looking from person to person, her eye's always drifting back to Sky.

"Do Not Mock us Boy!" One of the men shouted as he charged forward

The leader, the only one with any real experience shouted at his man to stand down, but it was to late as the man's fear took over and was blinded by reason as he charged forward towards Sky. Sky stood there watching as if in slow motion, his left hand never leaving the pipe once, he quickly reached for his Katana that was strapped to his left shoulder with his right hand, in one fluid motion he drew his katana just as the man was on him, while drawing his katana the blade sliced through the man's sword hand, finishing the move Sky quickly spun to left allowing the man to continue running his path. When he finished his spin his katana was once again sheathed within it's confinements, the man now holding his stub of a hand fell to his knees. Water splashed as he began screaming in pain. Melody had backed up a few feet while the man ran towards sky and was now even more shocked than before, while holding a small golden locket close to her chest.

The three men left looked on with fear at Sky. One moon on this night was full, and seemed so close to the world, and so within its massive size deep craters could be made out, the light emanating from the moon outlined Sky and his assailants. His right hand went to his left blade's hilt, while he slowly took a puff from his pipe he brought it down letting the ashes flow from the bowl as they got caught by the wind and disappeared into the night.
"What is your name!" The man in front shouted, as he reached behind him for his Axe

"You may call me Azarath Sky, and consider this your one and only warning" As he spoke Sky's head slowly turned, his body was already positioned somewhat to the side allowing his head to turn towards the man now laying on his back in the water his bloody hand now wrapped up in a cloth bandage.

"Did you say....Sky?" The brooding man shouted
Sky slowly turned his head back towards the man who was now holding his Axe out in front of him almost as if a shield
no words escaped Sky's lips. The man once again shouted towards him

"Any relation to Lord Sky?"
Sky's left cheek started cracking a sly smile as if it emerged from within. "He would be my Father" he spoke.

The man was now slowly stepping back, in between his men each one of them turned to him looking at him, questioning his own reaction. Then suddenly as if a wild boar that was boxed in and backed to the wall lashed out. "Don't just stand there, Kill him! he's worth more then a King's Ransom!" The man shouted as he made his way to the back of the group.
That's all it took before long the lust filled their eyes as they turned their sights back to Sky. Slowly he turned his head towards Melody and in a whisper she barley made out.

"You might want to back up a bit"

As instructed she slowly started backing up, Sky then turned his head back towards the men who were now slowly walking towards him. Circling him, one behind him, one to his left and one in front of him, behind the one in front of him stood the man with the Axe, maybe feeling a little bit more confident in his men. Sky slowly tilted his head so that he could see the man cowering behind his other man..
"I told you, you had your warning"
Sky spoke, just then Sky took his left hand with his pipe in tow, tossing it high into the air, the three men naturally followed Sky's hand then the object that left his hand, this allowed Sky to quickly bring his left hand to the hilt of his other katana strapped to his right shoulder, drawing them before their eyes ever dropped back down to him. Sky now had both his katana's drawn, and was in mid swing, the Katana strapped to his left shoulder drawn by his right hand quickly found its first victim the man to his left. The blade slicing deep into his neck, the katana strapped to his right shoulder, drawn by his left hand sliced the man in front of him deep on his chest cutting through the thin fabric of his shirt, blood shot out as if exploding from within his body.
Sky quickly dropped to his knees, allowing the blade in his left hand to spin over his head turning it while flipping the handle within his hand just as the man behind him came running towards his own death, spearing himself on to the tip of Sky's blade. His blade punctured out the back of the man's neck as his lifeless body fell limp attached to the sword.
Sky slowly stood back to his feet, the only thing keeping the dead man's body upright was Sky's grip to his katana.

In one smooth motion he snapped his blade free from the dead man's neck, in the swing the tip of his blade cut through the clear water, washing it of the blood that stained it before bringing it back in front of him. Sky slowly walked through the water towards the last man standing, his body was shaking.
Sky knew his fear would make this an easy kill, but as he got closer the man dropped his Axe and took off running for the woods. Standing there for a minute before turning back around once again surveying the area.

"Now I'll have to buy a new pipe" He muttered to himself as he walked over to where he was standing to see if maybe he could find the pipe floating in the water. After searching for a moment with no results Sky was about to stand upright. Out of no where a hand came into view and in that hand laid his pipe.
Reaching out for it he grabbed it, but before he could pull his hand away from hers she closed it, entrapping his hand within her own, Sky slowly stood upright, looking at Melody, tears were now forming at the base of her eyes.

"Thank you" was all she said as she leaned forward into Sky, her arms wrapping around him. He stood there, not sure of what to do, he was about to hug her back but then memories of his past flashed before his eyes. Of when he was but a boy and his mother would hug him, as quickly as they came, they left him, Sky griped the pipe in their hands firmly, as he pulled his hand from hers just as firmly. Sky backed up from her. Her gratitude and rejoice turned to sadness as he backed way from her. She looked down at the water as he turned around and slowly began to walk off.

"Where you going?" She shouted back towards him

Sky stopped, his head turned and looked up towards the sky, towards the giant moon. "I don't know, where ever my feet lead me"

Picking up the hem of her wet and worn dress she slowly started marching her way through the water. "May I walk with you?" She called back to Sky.

Sky slowly turned his head toward Melody. "If you like" with that said Sky turned his attention back towards the woods as he continued on walking, following him was Melody trying her hardest to keep up in the water, as she somehow managed to keep up. They got to the rivers bank, and climbed out disappearing into the forest.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a book I had shelved a few years ago, lost the inspiration to finish it honestly. However I've been motivating myself to give this one another go, It's a Fantasy story of course a 3 book series, with the first book's rough draft nearly completed.

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I enjoyed this. It was a good

I enjoyed this. It was a good read and was something very different then what you usually write. Creative, unique, and was entertaining.
Loved it. Keep writing. I hope to see more from this. :) Miss ya.