ThoughtShock: A Manifesto Chapter 3



Chapter Three
'The Age of Decay'

This is my life, and every time I write
it becomes a confession then festers into an obsession
and somewhere within the cryptic syntax
of the incomplete masterpiece, the insanity creeps back
fears expelled into incoherent rhymes,
insane often engaged chaotic scribbled lines.

Swallow another pill.
It's not just a braincell I try and kill
Where strange voices occupy my mind tonight
they all whisper for me to walk towards the light.

I want to look back, to turn away.
That in this universe, the illusion of reality
wants become obsessions to the sins of vanity
where everyone walks the tightrope of sanity
and invisible shackles, cage my dreams.

“We will all eventually die,
as we often test ourselves
to see if we are even alive”

Where has the beauty faded? Where has the love gone?
In the age of decay, where do I even belong?
Let these words bleed from me, an open sore
now only if I could sacrifice my mind, the whore.

There is no justice when the innocent suffer. Where are the heroes once idolized, admired and sought? Becoming surrounded by the chaos of all the insanity and no hope shall exists when failure leads them to quitting. There will be no refuge, no safe quarter for the timid.
The world has changed. Guilty until proven innocent, given if you are even lucky enough to face your accuser, or stand before your peers. Mock trials to sway the simple minded. Like magic the trick becomes the illusion of freedom, Free to chose their options, the triage in war is the lies in which we are fighting for.

A man cried,
Before his vary eyes, he watched the one he loved die. Blood stained his hands as he tried to apply pressure to the gaping wound. Years of casual observation and this was all he knew what to do to try and save her life. Tears flooded his eyes as deep down in the back of his mind the deepest recess of all his skeletons he knew it was too late, a mockingly ironic twist that only in a fairytale would they survive. As he looked down into the eyes of the woman who captured his heart many times over, he could feel the weak beating of her heart through the blood soaked fabric he pressed with his hands. Watching in horror as the vary essence of her life faded from her eyes until they seemed hallow and empty. He could no longer feel the beating of her heart. His mind spun, with doubt, disbelief, fear, all spiraling within his head colliding with speeds unimaginable.
Screaming in rage, as anger now floods his brain. Cursing the god or gods for this punishment. Then he pleads and begs for a miracle. That possibly he is just dreaming and that this hour, this moment is all just a nightmare conjured by his own mind. Willing to sacrifice anything even his own life for just a chance to see her lungs fill with air once more. His entire world, in just a matter of moments came crashing down around him and within those seconds everything faded from his focus but the woman laying in his lap and the voices that now haunt him.

"Feed your addiction with a lethal prescription
walking the halls of the dead with a reservation."

Pinned to the wall of despair
struck in the heart with disappointment
a sacrifice to your own demons
as you collapse and give up


A want, I too have tasted many times,
growing tired of the constant struggle
All those demented thoughts, tormented images.
The grotesque visions of sick perversions,
Shame and guilt always on guard,
Where monsters patrol the ward.

We all face our demons, dance with horrors
you relinquish control over those fears
give power to the mob who suffers an epidemic
of mass hysteria, as they welcome you to
'The Age of Decay'

“Am I crazy, among the sane?
Has logic failed me all the same?”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Chapter three.... I am thinking after a few more chapters I'll stop posting them, and find a way to offer a way to download an updated PDF file of some sorts, or maybe Jason will get "pages" added to the publishable proses or poems...

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I loved it, I think best

I loved it, I think best chapter so far. Im not rlly awake yet, so I'll leave better comment later today. Just know, it's awsome.