Come Feed The Pain

Volume Three

Come Feed The Pain


Of all the scars, and all the wounds. The pain will always be there.

A reminder to the time it consumes, and how the world never plays fair.


Shadows dance in the corners, coming out to play in the early hours.

Puppets with strings attached at the shoulders, the world was going to be ours.

Speeding down the highway, into the fog and into the confusion.

Running from this day, while trying to avoid your inquisition.


Can you feel for today? Can you make out what it is they say?

Dance often in the rain, Sing loud under the moon.

Love through the pain, for it all could end too soon.”


Do you cut, to ease that pain in your heart?

Do you feel stuck, as this world tears you apart?

Limb from limb, sin by sin.


It's all in your head that every bad thought finds it's mark

and it's in my bed when every bad decision finds it's spark.


I have been here before, that silence before the storm.

You know your in for more, as your heart is once again torn.

Everything you cherished, everything you coveted

has faded or perished, through the fiery ashes I see my succubus.

All of the world is nothing but a stage, your life being written on every page.

Every day a new saga is penned, your trials and errors, your triumphs and failures

Every day it gets harder to pretend, to hide the terrors, and find the right words.”


Have you been to the edge of oblivion? Stared into the depths of hell?

Battled your demons till there was none? Alone locked deep within your cell.

Do you taste the failure, of your every mistake that you made?

Can you feel the disaster, in the wake of the price you had to pay?


Don't look at me now, with every question starting with 'how'.

Finding myself lost, within the shadows of your every step.

Finding out the cost, the moments lost, of every beautiful sunset.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hmmm So it would seem my writers block is slowly being lifted from my mind.... This is my second poem to publish in the second day in a row that I've done in just one sitting..... Even if its not my best and still feel really rusty at this.... deffiently not like riding a bike to me on this.... As always I do enjoy feedback...

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The pain will always be

The pain will always be there, but we must find ways inside ourselfs to mask it. control it and keep fighting or we will forever be bond by the past.