Running in Circles

Volume Two

This could be my last letter,
I write to hold onto something better
I held the knife to my skin,
tasted the pleasure from every sin.
We all flirt with temptation, becoming seduced by obsession

Like cancer in the back of my mind
I can hear it tick over time
voices screaming for a shred of sanity
like porcelain dolls we all wreak of vanity
hypocrites lie in wait within sheep's skin

Open the gates to hell, listen for the tolling of the bell
one by one, line up and take your step
running in circles, as you die with regret.

Ashes fall from the sky, snow covering empty wounds
violence and death echo about our empty tombs
devils in the flesh of men, humanity lost in a world of sin
I can see the fear hiding behind your eyes
standing there alone as your world dies.

What a strange race we are, a simple dream to touch a star
running in circles, like rats within a theater
popping pills in the hopes of finding a cure.

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