Discourse #2


Discourse # 2

                    We are lost, children of gods, children of sins. Searching for answers in a text book of mistakes and that of failure, a world gone mad. We close ourselves off to the world outside, Strangers pass like cars on the highway. Never willing to accept an idea or thought that might jeopardize their own reality, their own paradigm. The rich and the poor alike will lay eyes to the ivory towers of desolation. Marching head on into the void of oblivion. Oh child of greed, victim to the tides of mortal desires, prey to the self righteous, blood meal for their morbid devices. We are the living, the breathing testimonies to the Angels and the demons that spawn the myths and the legends.

                   We truly are the children of gods, the power we posses yet cannot obtain. For it lies right before our vary eyes like a magicians trick it vanishes under the cloak of illusion. We each hold a piece, like a key to the lock that binds us in ignorance. 'An intelligent being is not what we are but rather defines us as who we are

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