Here Comes Hope

After the Twin Towers crumbled to the frigid ground along with countless corpses and continuous catastrophe

The country didn’t care about building a memorial or a park in honor of those who prematurely perished that day

Instead, plans were already being made to erect an even bigger and better skyscraper to scrape Satan’s sinful sky

Let’s give the terrorists another target to toy around with

As if we hadn’t learned our livid lesson in the first place

When the gray opaque smoke arose above the city that never sleeps

New York wasn’t even on peoples' minds anymore

Hollywood was already too busy on the opposite coast contacting Nicholas Cage

Coming up with ideas for a blockbuster, award winning movie to make an immense profit and fortune off of other peoples' misfortunes

The actors of this atrocious American apathy should be extremely ashamed

And forfeit every penny in their piggy banks to the families of those who had forfeited their own freedom on that unforgettable day

After Hurricane Katrina caused chaos and calamity on our own crowded streets

Washington D.C. extemporaneously erased New Orleans off the map

And failed to offer even an ounce of aid or support for our own citizens

Because we were too busy searching incalculable caves in the Middle East

And rebuilding cities overseas in which we had no right or reason to destroy in the first place

After Dick Cheney shot his very own friend on a hunting trip

He simply laughed it off and pretended he did nothing wrong

And he got away as free as a dove

While thousands were flying frayed and feeble white flags high in the sky in Fallujah in the midst of friendly fire

And even more were being convicted for crimes they never committed

And lost votes are still be discovered and counted in Florida

Even though George W. Bush claimed victory and Al Gore gave up his ghost long ago

Tragedy strikes in Tallahassee as terrible turmoil thunders down on the toxic truth

The puny panhandle cannot possibly support the cumbersome weight of this whole wicked world any longer

And slowly, but ever so surely

America starts to open up its weary eyes

And realize the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into

Even Republicans are starting to protest against our own president

People made picket signs, and wrote political poems, and sang anti-war songs

But nothing ever happened…nothing ever changed

And after January 20th, 2009

One less imbecile will be in the oval office

Tons more will be behind unbreakable bars

But everything will still be the same

The war will never be won

The sky will never showcase the sun

The soldier will never put down the gun

The two will never become one

The red, white, and blue stains on the frail flag will never be undone

No need in worrying about the appalling and abysmal “after”…when our ill-fated future hasn’t even begun

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