Eulogy for an Ally (Funeral for a Friend)

~In memory of Christopher Thomas Sawyer II, may you forever Rest in Peace~

- 11/17/85 - 9/27/06 -

...Our paths crossed not even three weeks ago

You showcased a smile on your face and appeared to be doing okay

We reminisced on our past memories while exchanging handshakes and a welcoming "hello"

Never knowing that our final "goodbye" would unfortunately occur on that cherished and treasured day...

You know...we all assume that we're all going to live a long, happy life...then something shocking like this seems to happen every now and then to remind us dreamers that fatality is actually real

Tragedy strikes when the world least expects it; an ocean of acid tears spilling from the storm clouds above onto my trembling lip is the epitome of how I will forever feel

You were one of my very first friends in first grade, I remember at recess in elementary school we would play kickball and hide-and-seek together on the playground

You are an owner of such an extraordinary and astonishing soul, for best buddies in each other we, in fact, fortunately found

We were brothers pumping different blood through our veins and even when we used to play basketball in high school, we always seemed to get paired up together and you were a tremendous teammate

I'm starting to question my own faith when I'm lying in my room alone, excruciatingly forced to accept your unreasonable and unfair fate

Last summer we would all sit around at makeshift bonfires deep in the woods sharing a bong and a beer...momentarily escaping from this wretchedly reality

Even our old hangout spots have been selfishly stolen from us and ripped down, only to be replaced with shopping plazas and condominium complexes for as far as the eye can see

I was recently rummaging through the rubble of lost photographs in an ancient album and somehow stumbled across a prehistoric picture of us in the years of our youth with our minuscule arms wrapped like serpents around each other

I held back a toxic tear and sent out a prayer for your devastated family, for no child should have to be buried by his or her own mother

On that Wednesday night in the closing stages of September, I vividly remember that frightful phone call from a fellow friend notifying me of the unexpected news

I dropped my cell phone from my rickety hand and time temporarily stood still, for accepting this corrupted catastrophe was an idea that I wished to refuse

And hasn't seemed to hit me yet that you're really gone for good

And my manipulated mind you're still deservingly animate and here

I would sacrifice my own safety and soul just for your own salvation and shelter if I somehow could

The satanic sky has been smeared and smudged with sinful shades of gray lately and show no signs of someday once again becoming clear

I dress myself in a full attire of black to show my respects and in a soft voice say "farewell" to my beloved, finest friend

I scribble my sloppy signature in the guestbook and stare at the opened casket, woefully wondering to myself why a life so full of potential and aspirations had to come to such an early and extemporaneous end

I plead for you to awake at your wake; I wish that I was just sleeping and that this travesty was merely some sort of a horrific nightmare

Such a sad, sad way for an army of friends and former classmates to congregate, but I managed to showcase a subtle smile when I recognized essentially how many people about you truly care

And your departure finally starts to sink in while attending your funeral when the hearse depressingly drives up and displayed in its side window, your last name is surely shown

Allow me to shine some welcoming light on your dark path to help you safely find the most steadfast and reliable way to your new home

As the crowd cries their final adieus and departs on their separate ways, I pick up a single rose from your grave and decide to keep it as a memento of our memories and a reminder of your affectionate and generous grace

Hopefully one day over the horizon we can meet up once again and make even more memorable memories in a better and more blissful place

...I talked to you last not even seven sunsets ago

But the sun will never again rise in my head as long as you're somewhere far away

Flashbacks in fast forward play in my mind of the very first time we ever met and to each other said "hello"

Now I wish I could push rewind as I wipe away the river of tears falling from my eye and whisper "goodbye" to my best buddy as this planet permanently buries Tomorrow today...

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