Red Wings, White Flags, and Blue Moons

A Scar is Born

There's a full moon out tonight,

In the distance you can hear the lone wolf's discarded cry.

On these bloodstained battlefields of betrayal we hold hands in hope as we viscously fight,

The silent sound of surrender saturates the satanic September sky.

Toss handfuls of hand grenades behind our backs as if they were a benevolent bouquet of exquisite and elegant flowers at our white wedding,

Smile and sin as our miniature bombs of belligerent beauty stand still in mid air.

Witness the "no trespassing" signs vividly ignite and turn to ash as on enemy soil we keep on tragically treading,

Frown and forgive as the American heart is beyond repair.

Our omegas are opaque and etched into our dreams,

Our redemption is rapaciously raped without a single care.

Sever the stitches of our salvation and slice apart at the seams,

Sew our arid eyes shut so we no longer need to see this living nightmare.

We wave "farewell" to forever but welcome our unfortunate fate so soon,

Names are meaningless and we audaciously dispose of our despoiled dog tags.

We've been wandering in a wicked world of red wings, white flags, and blue moons;

The same splendid colors proudly painted on our venomous flag.

...Blood from battered birds blemish our flags of freedom as our dreams of emancipation are desecrated,

When the shades of these fifty spiteful states are shoved into a blender and severely stirred, the most corrupted concoction known to man is chaotically created...

There's a blue moon out tonight,

Beyond the horizon you can see the black and gray rainbow beginning to form.

In these trenches of tumult and turmoil we passionately kiss in lust as we shut our eyes to the suicidal sight,

The sadistic sounds of submission are vividly heard throughout the tainted thunderstorm.

Drop atomic bombs on the innocent enemies below as if we were a pseudo Santa Claus providing the chastised children with toys of torture from our satanic sleigh,

Chuckle and grin as the reindeers rapidly rampage and riot in the sky.

Observe the "do not enter" signs spontaneously combust and deteriorate to dust as on adversary lines we continue to pollute and play,

Pardon and pray as white wings and flags abruptly become red and the world hears the dove's dying, delicate cry.

Our endings are unclear and imperative pages are inconsiderately ripped out from the blessed books;

Vital chapters of our lives are eternally erased.

Break the indestructible bonds of our brotherhood and fracture our future when we credulously fall for the bitter bait and hooks,

To the rulers, we are merely another disposable number and statistic, for robots can always be rewired and replaced.

We say "goodbye" to tomorrow but gesture "hello" to yesterday without even thinking,

Soldiers are soldiers, saints are saints, and people are people, so there's no need for any one individual in particular to sanctimoniously brag.

We've been exposed to red wings, white flags, and blue moons every single time our eyes are on the verge of blinking,

The identical ignorant dyes dismally drained on our dishonored rag.

...Purity has become polluted and peace has painfully been eradicated and torn,

When the colors of this contaminated country are chucked into a cauldron and relentlessly combined, on the fragile heart of every home and human on the soundless streets of suburbia an everlasting scar is wretchedly born...

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