Rat Race of Redemption

A Scar is Born

...pick up the pace, pick up the pace...

Engulfed by the government's grotesque grace

Rapidly running in the redemption rat race

Enemies on one side and allies on the other

Looking across the livid line to exchange bloodshed and blows with a fellow brother

Omega is opaque as the soldiers soundlessly stare at their origami opponents face to face

...keep running the race, keep running the race...

Businessmen bury their betrayal and blemish their bloodstains in a bomb filled briefcase

Ignite the catastrophe and plant the explosive seed in a jam-packed place

Detonating the dreams of dozens of doppelgangers when their delusion of dependence dies

Hanging themselves from the spontaneously combusted streetlamps on Salvation Street with their own tacky ties

Helplessly hoping to find home in the adversary's affectionate embrace

...pick up the pace, pick up the pace...

Mist the mannequins with an abundant supply of atrocious and malicious mace

Terrorize and torture in the tainted trenches of tragedy and disappear without leaving a single toxic trace

Shoot out the stop lights and ignorantly ignore the silent sounds of surrender

Catching hand grenades of hatred in mid air and quickly hurling them back in time to their rightful sender

Enter the battlefield of broken bonds unarmed with the splendid shades of red, white, and blue proudly painted on my disfigured face

...keep running the race, keep running the race...

Liberating myself from the cage of corruption while stalwartly breaking out of my belligerent…but bona fide…back brace

Patiently waiting for the day that the invisible boundaries of animosity will erase

Concurrently killing ourselves in the crowded crossroads of corruption and shame

The relay race of redemption has been run but nobody took home a trophy or medallion in the depraved game

Rescue and recovery is out of reach as the wicked world reluctantly realizes that a new army of wretchedly wired robots will rapidly replace

...pick up the pace, pick up the pace...

…keep running the race, the ad infinitum race…

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