Friendly Fire

A Scar is Born

...Friendly fire keeps my distance from your wrath, but my feelings for you will never fade...

Extinguished stars perish in the night sky,

Sinister scars are born on my hand grenade heart.

A tear spills from my gun as a bullet spills from my eye,

The stitches bring us together but the battle wounds drift us apart.

We fall asleep with one eye open, so we can see reality in our dreams,

We cuddle with our faithful guns as if they were our precious childhood teddy bears.

The once pristine water has become polluted with the deepest shade of red in the rivers and streams,

Bloodstains and bullet holes replace the war medallions on our chests that we used to proudly wear.

The true enemies relax in the White House, while the innocent allies are sent out to vacuously fight,

Blindfold God so He can't see us commit this corrupted crime.

We safely bet our chips, alert and aware of the ravishing rewards if we play our cards just right,

Being fortunate enough to possibly be able to see the sun set over the horizon of hope for one more time.

When your troops begin to cross enemy lines, will you fight or will you flee?

As my fellow comrades collapse to their final breaths, I begin to wretchedly realize that freedom isn't free.

Our future abruptly steps on a hidden land mine as Tomorrow sinks in our love's contaminated quicksand,

Although as of now we hold our guns at each others' hearts, I hope we can die holding hands.

Brisk bullets fly high in the sky above,

Senescent stars are shot down and descend to the frigid ground.

Hawks drop atomic bombs as we painfully hear the delicate cry of a dove,

Its song of surrender showcases such a suicidal sound.

We wake up with one eye shut, so we can pretend our reality is merely a dream,

We wear our camouflage as if it offered the comfort and protection of our affectionate mothers.

Our once red blood becomes as black as oil, filling our veins and contaminating the oceans and streams,

Greed and power has ultimately led us to senselessly killing our own friends and beloved blood brothers.

The Devil resides in Washington D.C. as we camp out in the deepest layer of Hell,

We are no more than disposable human shields and the presidents' personal whores.

I cross my fractured fingers and wish for freedom as I toss my two cents into the wicked wishing well,

Hoping I'm lucky enough to see that sun rise over the majestic mountains just once more.

When the time comes to destroy and defend, will you stand strong or fall among the debris?

As a poisoned dart is lodged deep inside my poisoned heart, America desolately realizes that I sacrificed my own life just so you can live free.

People are people and we are all the same, the color of our ugly uniforms is our only difference,

Even though right now the sides are set and the boarders are drawn, I assure you someday that we can live together on the same side of the chain-linked fence.

Extinguished stars perish in the night sky,

Sinister scars are born on my hand grenade heart.

The atrocious sights that are seen through Eden's evil eye,

Have separated our shattered souls on their separate ways and forever apart.

We stand here face to face ready to fire at will and die for the strangers we never knew...the faceless victims of nine/eleven,

As of now our guns are aimed at each others' heads, but I know one day we can aim our white flags and open arms happily high in the sky towards Heaven.

...I hope we die holding hands

   I hope we die holding hands

   I hope we die holding hands...

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