Progress Report

Please accept this award and proudly display it on your stalwart shelf,

For today your little angel had broken a boy's heart all by herself.

She passed the tainted test with flying colors,

Abandoning one disposable boy and leaving with another.

This immense amount of success is a process in which she has been repeating,

Some say she had a guy or two on the side to help her out, but she's never been caught cheating.

No one else even compares to her, she stands tall at the top of her class,

Her latest report was phenomenal, "How to Shatter a Boy's Heart Like Tainted Glass".

All of the students in her grade are failing from depression, their reasons are all the same,

No will for their broken hearts to beat on, such a horrible shame.

Earning a perfect score on her last exam, her relationship fell right apart,

She handed in her paper and showcased Satan's sinful smile as she ruptured another poor boy's heart.

The semester and her innocence have both abruptly come to a tragic end,

This Honor Roll student will get a full scholorship to college when she liberates another boyfriend.

You should be so proud of your daughter, her trophies stand tall and proud on the dirty shelf,

Your little devil destroyed the dreams of the male population all by herself.

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