Ashes for Abigail

A Scar is Born

...Stitch up the separation of our shredded souls while viciously ripping out the delicate wings of a dying dove,

Unleashing this battle cry of loneliness at the top of my lungs in a desperate attempt to rekindle the frigid flame of our lackluster love...

She entered my life with a bullet hole and a bang, parading on the vacant streets of my hollow heart and stomping on my frail chest, causing it to explode like a livid land mine,

This suicidal sensation I couldn't help but hope that over time, would cause our hibernating heartstrings and hands to eternally elapse and intertwine.

She left my world with a scar on my wrist and a knife in my back, fleeing somewhere far away from redemption and flying her frayed forfeit flag high in the hawk infested sky,

This venomous vagabond has me helplessly rummaging among the debris shouting "hello" when I never even had the cherished chance to whisper "goodbye".

Sometimes at night as another bomb falls and lands right outside my window, I close my arid eyes and pretend that you're right by my unstable side assuring me everything will be okay,

Sometimes at the crack of dawn as another dying dove perishes right beside my bloodstained bed, I open my heavy eyes and realize that you're nowhere to be found.

When I look at the tattered and frayed American flag, I can't help but to only see the candid and sinful shades of black and gray,

Tragically terminating Tomorrow as I trample and tread on the abhorrent ashes of our feeble future that lay sprinkled among the contaminated ground.

...Setting our souls ablaze in the midst of the surrounding snowstorm to showcase the burning betrayal of trust and love,

Screaming the silent sound of surrender as quietly and cautiously as I can in order to not disturb the wounded and resting dove...

She pierced my thoughts with her bullets and beauty, protesting on the empty streets of my nocturnal nightmares and transforming these toxic tragedies into my wretched reality,

This atrocious annihilation has only woefully welcomed my unfortunate fatality while waving "farewell" to any remaining amounts of my vigorous vitality.

She departed my dreams with a noose around my neck and a gun in my hand, exiting through the nearest escape route so she wouldn't have to clean up the monolithic mess and witness my awful omega while looking me in the eye,

This poisonous, perfect pill has me begging for just one more "hello" so I can have the precious chance to satanically say one last "goodbye".

Sometimes when the sun sets over the horizon and I listen to the lone wolf's corrupted cry, I try to convince myself that somehow I can put you in the past and forever bury Yesterday,

Sometimes at daybreak when I'm awakened by the screeching siren of solitude, I wickedly realize that I would do anything just to see your face and hold you in my wounded arms once more.

When I look at the poisoned picture of us in its shattered frame, I can’t help but retrieve the negative and witness the terrible truth staring back at me in black and gray,

Malignantly murdering our millions of memories as I march on the ashes of our poisoned past that will forever freeze on the frigid floor.

...Slicing away salvation to an opaque and obscure oblivion while dreadfully burying the deceased and decaying dove,

Abigail is somewhere beyond the enemies' invisible lines spreading her legs while over an infernal flame I spread the abysmal ashes of our expired love...

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