You want to go to where?
Victoria rail station
Lydia said
her mother


as she dried the plate
a cigarette hanging
from her lower lip


who with?
Benny the boy upstairs
in the flats
over there


Lydia said
her mother wiped
another plate
why there?


and why with him?
Lydia played
with her fingers


steam trains
she said
we like to see them


and I like Benny
he's funny
her mother
stared at her


don't seem funny to me
but his mother's
a good sort
so he can't be


too bad I suppose
Lydia looked
at her mother's
red wet hands


how are you
getting there?
bus I guess
Lydia said


and I suppose
you want money
for the fare?
Lydia stared


Benny said
he'd pay
did he now
her mother said


think I can't
afford the fare?
she put the plates
in a cupboard


and stared
at her daughter
weedy looking


she got her black purse
and took out
some coins
don't make a habit


of going out to
faraway places
her mother said
she put the coins


into her daughter's
thin white hands
and walked off

to tidy


the sitting room
Lydia looked
at the coins
in the palm


of her hand
she pocketed them
in her fading red dress
and opened


the front door
to see
if Benny was coming
the baker


was going by
on his horse drawn cart
the horse looked tired
and trotted slow


then she saw Benny
coming across
the Square towards her
riding his


imaginary horse
with his 6 shooter gun
and holster
of course.

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