It is you, my son,
my first thoughts think on
at dawn's dull light;


it is you I hope to see
in dark dreams at night,
it of you my last thoughts hold


as I drift to my drugged sleep;
memories of you
I hold and keep;


years of yore,
of childhood days,
holidays and day


to day visits,
wishing things were
as they were before.


It is loss of you,
my son, that wounds
my heart, that tears


open and apart,
that final time
we spoke, solemn,


you in pain,
no light heartedness,
no humour, no joke.  


It is of you my son,
my mind returns to,
and the loss reminds me


of our mortal state,
moment to moment
ticking by, taking


for granted each day
we live, each person
we love, each kiss,


each exchange
of words we cast,
not thinking each

may be our last.

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