Helen brought
Battered Betty
along with her
as we met


by Burton's the Tailors
she coming up
out of the subway
in that greeny grey dress


with the faded flowers
where we going?
she asked
hugging Betty


close to her
I noticed the doll
had one eye closed
what happened


to Betty's eye?
it got poked out
by little brother
and it only goes in


this way now
so she can't see out
Helen said sadly
I nodded my head


OK I thought
we could go
to Bedlam Park
as it's a nice day


and I’ve brought
some buns
and 1d drinks
so we can have


a sort of picnic
I showed her
the carrier bag
in my left hand


she looked in
and smiled
that'll be good
she said


so we walked
along St George’s Road together
I had my toy 6 shooter
in the holster


around my waist
(just in case
we had a run in
with any bad cowboys)


I would have brought something
Helen said
had I known
could have brought


some potato crisps
or sandwiches
but I like buns
and those 1d drinks


we crossed
by our school
and on into the Park
on by the War Museum


and found a place
on the grass
and sat down
she laying Betty


by her side
we shared the buns
and had a drink each
the morning sun


coming through
the trees above
white clouds passing
sharing our food


and drinks
and our 9 year old love.

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