Jeanette was by
the wire fence
leaning against it
her hands


in front of her
resting one
on the other
she watched me


as I came out
of the school door
leading from the side
onto the sports field


her friend Angela
the blonde girl
had gone home
for lunch


my did you kiss me
like that?
she asked
as I went by her


your cheek
was tempting me
I said
so I kissed it


you should have
at least asked
she said
I will next time


I said
looking at her
taking in
her thin frame


and arms
what makes you think
there will be
a next time?


she said
her eyes were dark
like small currents
in cream dishes


I feel lucky
I said smiling
she didn’t smile back
you hang around


with that Rolland boy
don't you?
she said
yes he's a friend


I said
I don't like him
she said
he doesn't like you


much either
I said
he says
you're a titless wonder


she blushed
and looked away
but I like you
I think you have


a certain class
I mean the way you
sit there listening
to all that classical stuff


Miss Graham plays
to us in lessons
while we
are bored brainless


you sit there
in another world
actually enjoying it
she looked at me


I love Beethoven
she said
his music moves me
her eyes settled on me


she played with her fingers
but you ought
to have asked
before kissing


she said
have you told anyone
I kissed you?
no of course not


she said
shame it might do
some good
I said


in what way?
she said
other kids might not
think you so stuffy


and snobbish
I said
she looked
at her well heeled shoes


and white socks
it was only a peck
she said
not a real kiss


it was lips
on cheek skin
I said
wet and warm


she said shyly
there you go
I said


Rolland called out
from the sports field
best go


I said
see you in class
and I ran off
towards Rolland


and other boys
kicking a ball
maybe a kiss tomorrow
she had said


as I went off
up on the grass
I nodded
and turned away


the sky had brightened
blue skies
had moved off
the dull of grey.

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