Baruch could hear
Fay's father
bawling her out
along the balcony


his  Catholic platitudes
filling the air
he watched
from a safe distance


as Fay's fair hair
was caught
by sunlight
her father's


dark expression
like black clouds
on a summer's day
Pater Nosters


rose and fell
then he went indoor
and left her
standing there


the echo of his voice
staining the air
Baruch waved to her
and she descended


the stairs
to the balcony below
and along
where Baruch stood


what was that all about?
he asked
the nuns
reported me


meeting you
after school
the other day
she said


your daughter
is meeting the Jew
they'd said
he said


Fay looked back
behind her
as she touched
Baruch's arm


you're not to meet
the Jew boy
he was shouting
said he'd give me


a good hiding
if I saw you again
she said
looking up


at the balcony above
Baruch looked
at her fair hair
let loose


unfettered by bow
or ribbon
over her
blue dress


guess we mustn't
be seen then
he said softly
by Burton's window


in half hour
she said
and fled
along the balcony


and up the stairs
to her father's flat
Baruch watched
her go


the sway
of her dress
the hair in flow
then gone


from sight
just going out
he said
to his mother


at her ironing
in the front room
she said


be careful
and so he
went down the stairs
and across the Square


down the slope
and along Rockingham Street
under the railway bridge
and along by


the back
of the cinema
and on to
the New Kent Road


down the subway
along the echoing passage
thinking of Fay
and her father


and his ways
he whistled
as he walked
his sound echoing


along the walls
a Hebrew tune
he'd heard
whistling loud


like a noisy bird
then up the steps
to the place to meet
by Burton's window


on the corner
of St George Road
racing by


waiting for Fay
her beauty
to greet
his Jewish eye.

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