Whatever else
her Polish accent
didn’t do
it didn't stop


her quest for sex
and Benedict
nigh on gave in
one or twice


(who was counting?)
time on his hands
(a rare event)
or caught unaware


and thinking
do I dare?
and he had to admit
even against


his better will
she was
a lovely dame
and such


Sophia said
you want to?
he looked passed her


at the door closed
the bed fresh made
as if she knew
bins all emptied


of their dust
and muck
you want me?
you want to fuck?


he looked
at her blue uniform
the greeny top
the tight pressing bra


the eyes ice cool
I don't know
he said
what if some one calls?


or the old guy
comes back
to his room
for some reason


or other?
Sophia stood
always the excuses
always the worry


of others coming
or going
she said
come on


she said
sitting on
the fresh made bed
have me now


make up
your mind
he gazed out
the window


the snow was settled
trees hung
white with brown
not just now


he said
as she spread
herself down
upon the bed


one leg raised
a glimpse of thigh
caught as in a mirror
of his turning eye.


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Wow. I love the subtle

Wow. I love the subtle details which pepper your work.