You met her in a field
beyond her house
during summer recess
that last one


before you both left
school for good
you'd walked
from the big wooden gate


by hedgerows
where birds sang
and flew out
pass you


sky blue
as if Monet
had been at work
my mother thinks


we've been doing things
she said
you said


you know what I mean
she said
a steam train
passed by


over by the far hedge
we have
you said
I know and you know


but I don't want her
thinking we have
Judy said
you frowned


the white
and grey smoke
from the train


into the sky
so it's a kind of
knowledge thing?
 you said


who's to know
and who isn't?
some people matter
she said


especially her
I’ll never hear
the last of it
if she thinks


we have
the grass was dry
and the earth hard
your shoes had seen better days


so we're here
in a field
where she could
possibly see us


and you're worrying
that she thinks
we have done things?
Judy sighed


and looked back
at the house
surrounded by fields
she's probably watching now


she said
following our movement
you looked back too
hands in the pockets


of your blue jeans
has she binoculars?
you said
not that I know


Judy said
doesn't matter
she has eyes
like a hawk


how are you
going to convince
we haven’t
done things?


you asked
she looked away
from the house
and sat on the grass


with you following
she sat cross legged
pulling the skirt
over her knees


you said
shouldn't look
didn't get a chance


too slow
she said
getting old
you smiled


I’m 14 like you
if that's too old
I'm Monet's aunt
she laughed


this isn't
solving the problem
she said
there isn't a problem


you said
just a matter
of perception
or not


as the case
is meant to be
what do you mean?
she said


your mother thinks
we have
and we have
yet you want her


not to think that
you replied
yes that's right
Judy said


maybe she wants
to think that
you said
why should she?


Judy asked
maybe she doesn't trust me
you said
she doesn't


Judy said
but she should trust me
you nodded
I see what you mean


so she should trust you
not to do such things
even when you have?
you said


it's the thought
that counts
she said
she put her hands


each side of her
on the grass
you could see
her cleavage


where her
blouse buttons
gave a little


you said
it's the thought
that counts
and the thoughts


hung around
your head
wishing it
had not been


a hay barn
but a cosy
warm bed

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