Ingrid was still tender
where her father beat her
so she lay
not sat


on the grass
outside Banks House
by Bath Terrace
with Benedict


so her family
couldn't see her
Robin Hood
supposedly fired


his last arrow
at where
he wanted to be buried
Benedict said


read it in a book
I’m reading
she watched him
has he talked


the quiff of hair
the grin
and the hazel eye stare
where did it land?


she asked
in Sherwood Forest
some place
he said


was Maid Marian
with him at the end?
she asked
I think so


Benedict said
but kind of old then
I guess
best to die young then


she said
while you're still
good looking
and have love


held on
until the end
she looked
at his patterned


sleeveless jumper
the black short trousers
the grey socks
the 6 shooter gun


tucked into
an holster
around his waist


guess so
he said
some do die young
Billy the Kid did


he added
she moved
and winced
her eyes closed briefly


he watched her
how's your old man
Benedict said


she said nothing
but looked
towards the coal wharf
where lorries


and horse-drawn wagons
stood being loaded
with sacks of coal
a train past over


the railway bridge
cluttering noisily
like that is it?
he said been


up to his tricks again?
she looked at him
and then up
at the block of flats


behind them
I must have done
something wrong
she said


so he said
Benedict said
she looked at him
moving her legs


to get comfortable
he said I was asking for it
she said
I went by him


on the stairs
the other evening
and he gave me
the the hard man stare


I just grinned at him
she looked away
yes he said you did
she said


he doesn't like you
she added
Benedict said


she was silent
she looked
as a horse-drawn wagon
moved away


from the coal wharf  
a man sitting on the top
holding reins
I like you through


she said softly
as the wagon went by
at the end
of the road


with its heavy load
we could have a ride
in the back
of a coal wagon


he said
good fun
do you like me?
she asked


of course I do
he said
I meet you
and talk to you


and we go places
don't we?
he said
yes we do


she said
how about a 1d drink
and an ice lolly ?
he said


she nodded
another train
steamed overhead
on the railway bridge


by the Duke of Wellington pub
and so they got up
from the grass
and walked back along


the grass
through the Square
he talking
about Robin Hood again


she looking at him
taking in
his words


the tenderness easing

as she walked
feeling close him
as he had one hand


on his six shooter gun
as he walked.

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