John dismounts
from the school bus
and looks for Elaine
amongst the other


moving students.
Trevor talks at his side,
some such nonsense,
he takes no notice,


gives a casual nod.
Where is she?
All look alike
in their green uniform


and white socks. 
He studies them.
Some in groups,
laughing, talking;


some play skip rope,
others chase each other
in games.
Trevor says he off


and will see him later.
By the fence.
There see.
Elaine stands


against the fence,
eyes lowered,
hands in pockets,
glasses smeary,


headscarf over her head.
Should I approach?
What will she say,
after the kiss yesterday?


He hesitates,
walks by,
hands in his pockets,
head towards her,


looking her way.
What to say?
She moves her shoes
on the ground,


He walks on by.
Stands still.


Looks at the playing field 
beyond the fence.
That kiss.
He turns back


and walks
her way again.


Go on,
talk to her.
Go on.


He walks nearer,
watches her
every move,


Get nearer.
What if she says
go away?
Chance it.


He walks to the fence
and stands beside her.
How are you?
Elaine looks


around at him,
her glasses
enlarging her eyes. 
She blushes.


All right,
didn’t see you
on the bus.
He looks at her eyes,


I saw you get on,
he says,
did you sleep ok?
She nods,


takes her hands
from her pockets,
holds them
in front of her.


Sorry about the kiss,
he says.
Shouldn't have


just done it.
Didn't mind,
she says,
if you meant it.


He looks away.
No one looking.
A girl laughs
near by.


A boy throws a ball.
I meant it,
he says. 
She looks at him,


at his quiff of hair,
the hazel eyes.
Liked it,
she says softly.


Should have said,
just happened.
Never mind,
she says,


her fingers playing
against her breast.
It's not a joke
you're playing?


She asks.
Of course not.
He feels nervous.
His hands lift


from his pockets
and one touches
her hands.
She hesitates.


Feels his hand touching.
No one sees.
She looks around.
Girls nearby are talking;


two more
are showing cards.
A bell rings
from the school.


Must go,
he says.
See you later?
She panics,


her whole being
seems on the edge
of a chasm.
OK. Where?


I'll find you.
He walks off 
and disappears
in the moving crowds.


Her hearts thumps;
body sweats.
She looks
at the moving bodies.


but no regrets.

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Great little story. Saw the

Great little story. Saw the whole scene in my mind. :)

Copyright © morningglory

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Thank you, Lynn  

Thank you, Lynn