Fay stood next
to Baruch
in the Square


have a ride
if you like
on my new


blue scooter
he had said
so she did


with one foot
placed firm on
the scooter


the other
pushed away
the hard ground


moving on
the scooter
hands gripping


the rubber
handle bars
and she sensed


air in her
face and hair
moving fast


Baruch left
behind her
in the Square


he thinking
how happy
now she was


moving on
over ground
other kids


shouting out
faster Fay

and she did


as if all
pent up fears

had gone bang


and had then

get off that


Jew's scooter
her father

shouted out


and she turned
and the fears

all returned


she got off
the scooter

handed it


to Baruch
all joy gone



had dissolved
her father

gripped her hand


hauled her off
looking back

at Baruch


but Baruch

merely smiled


his contempt
his green eyes

or hazel


as some said
shooting off

those arrows


in the butt

of Fay's strict


father but

to Fay he


blew to her
from his palm

the unseen


pink kisses
of concern

then she'd gone


up the stairs
to her fate

a lecture


against Jews

of Jesus


he will say
or worst still



a beating
to enforce
his strict will.

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