Skinny Kid sat
by the white metal table
on the lawn
Anne sat opposite him


her crutches
by her chair
I heard
you puked last night?


Anne said
I did
Skinny kid said
all over the blankets


and pillowcase
said Anne
it was the liver


they made me eat
he said
I told them
it made me ill


but they said
it was good for me
and said
I had to eat it


serves them right
she said
Sister Bridget moaned at me
he said


O her
she's got  a face
on her
like a sufferer


of haemorrhoids
what's haemorrhoids?
he asked


bulging blood vessels
hanging from the arse
she said
he tried not


to picture it
or see it
in the nun's face
feel better now though


he said
she replied
my mum's visiting today


he said
good for you
she said
has your mum


visited you yet?
he asked
no I think she's
making the most


of me
not being around
Anne said
it's a kind of holiday


for her
me stuck here
after my fecking leg
was chopped off


he stared
at the area
of her skirt
where no leg appeared


she saw me in the hospital
and brought me grapes
and flowers and stuff
and a bag


of odd socks
he stared
at her one leg
hanging from out


of the skirt
does it hurt?
he asked
it does at times


and I go to rub it
and it isn't there
someone's stolen
me fecking leg


Anne bellowed
to the kids
playing on the swings
and slide


on the lawn
of the nursing home
they looked over
at her


then quickly
looked away
a nun nearby
shook her head


and wagged
a finger
Skinny Kid looked
at the vacant area


of skirt again
what's the matter Kid
want to see my stump?
and she hitched up


her skirt
to reveal the stump
of her leg
and a glimpse


of blue underwear
he blushed
and looked
at his hands in his lap


never mind Kid
she said
good manners
is a load of crap.


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