You shouldn't have
bought me
the Mahler 6th
Judy said


but I appreciate it
and with that
she kissed your cheek
the Mahler gift box


was tucked under
her arm
and you both walked
to the village pub


and ordered
a couple of drinks
and sat outside
in the warm


summer evening
she talked
of her university course
about to begin


that October
the law degree
and you sat
watching her


her long fair hair
the blue of eyes
the small
delicate lips


as if butter wouldn't
but lovely
all the same
and as she talked


you remembered that day
she took you back
to her place
(her parents being out)


and out
in her back garden
she began to kiss you
and put her arms


around you
and held you close
and the sky
was a blue of Van Gogh


tall trees around
looking on
and you kissed
her lips and neck


and opened up
her creamy blouse
and kissed down
as far as you could


the beginning
of her breasts
milky soft and smooth
and she put her hand


to your groin
and kind of invited
the pecker to join
and you put


your hand slowly
into back
of her blue jeans
and sensed


her soft skin
the crevice of her
and she said
we could go upstairs


you said
and so you followed her
indoors and up


the stairs
the old cottage
with the old ceiling
low and snugly


and you reached
her small room
and the single bed
and pictures


on her walls
and ornaments
and her Teddy Bear
on the bed


and the whole
middle class aroma
you sensed there
and she stood there


as if thinking should I?
you kissed her
and held her
feeling along her back


kissing her neck
and she hand her hands
about you
and her lips met yours


and it was softly pressing
tongues meeting
and the pecker
wanted to get in


on the action
and was kind of
pressing against
your fly


and she began
to undress
and you helped
and the smell of her


was succulent
and you could
have eaten her
and sucked her


then a car door slammed
and you froze
and she looked alarmed
and said


God that's them
the parents
and she dressed


where she had undressed
and you tried to calm
the pecker
and get it to lay down


and she listened
as she finished dressing
come on
she said


down stairs
or they will guess
if we're up here
and O God


you thought
so near and yet
so far
and the parents


came in
just as you both
sat in the sofa
by the fireplace


she flushed
as a tanned backside
and you hoping
the pecker


had gone to sleep
nodded to her father
as he came in
and the mother


looked at you both
with a motherly grin.

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