What's a Mongol?
Della asks Froggie,
her cousin. He sits
beside her on her bed,


flicking through her
CDs. What people
used to call people
with Downs, he says,


taking out a Talking
Heads album, gazing
at the cover. Why?

Who said it? Della


stares at him, tongue
resting on her lower
lip, her eyes bright,
drinking him all in.


Man on the bus said
to me. The bastard,
Froggie says. Bastard?
Della looks at Froggie's


tattooed hands. Not
nice person, he says.
She lays her head on
his tattooed arm. He


flicks some more CDs.
Man said sit elsewhere
to me. If I'd been there,
I'd have floored him.


Floored him? Della
twirls a finger in a lock
of hair. Flattened the
git. She closes her bright


eyes, imagines the man
flattened. Did you? What?
Sit elsewhere. She nods.  
I'd have thrown him off


the fecking bus, Froggie
says, taking out an Oasis
album and turning it over.
She opens her eyes, rubs


her head on the tattooed arm.
Man said I shouldn't be
out in public. Why? Said
they used to lock my type up.


Who was this prat? Don't
know. Stranger on the bus.
Froggie puts down CDs and
rubs her head.  She looks at


him, feels his hand rubbing
her head. Never should have
been locked up years ago,
Froggie says. Were they?


Yes, Uncle said they were,
he worked in a mental hospital
years back. Why? Froggie
kisses her head. People were


ignorant or ashamed; locked
them out of sight. Why?
She hugs Froggie's tattooed
arm. Don't know, Del. She


closes her eyes. Tears seep.
Run her cheek. Froggie wipes
them off with his finger and
licks it. Not worry crying over.


She kisses his arm, hairy,
tattooed, blue and red, yellow.
Put on the Stone Roses. Della
takes the CD and puts it on her


lap top and sits next to Froggie.

They kiss lips and rub noses.

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This reminds me of a sweet

This reminds me of a sweet couple with down syndrome that I observed on a bus a few years back. They didn't know each other, they met on the bus. I watched them become friends as they sat next to each other and then at the end they had the sweetest kiss. It was the most beautiful moment watching these two people fall in love on that bus. Made this read all the more special.

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Thank you, Lynn

Thank you, Lynn