Miryam sits at the bar
sipping a Bacardi,
bumming a smoke
from a packet open
on the bar top.


Hear you went
to Fez today,
she says.


Yes, it was like
something out
of Bible times,
you say,
camels, donkeys,
people in head gear
and gowns and such.


I would have come,
she says,
but I was too
shagged out
after the night before.


You eye her,
the tight curly
red hair,
blue eyes,
red lips.


I made it ok,
you say.


Don't know how,
she says,
you left after I did.


And you didn't come in
the tent
for a goodnight
kiss or more,
she adds,
staring at you.


Thought moaning Minnie
would be back,
you say.


She didn't show
until hours after;
been having it off
with that ex-army guy
of yours.


So that’s where
he went,
you say,
taking a quick sip
of your wine.


I'd have stayed
if I'd known.


Miryam inhales deeply,
then exhales.

Where's Army boy now?
she asks.


No idea,
joined the navy
for all I care,
you say.


We could now
if you like,
she says.


You take in
her tight blouse,
tight skirt
with a slit
at the side,
showing thigh.


One of those
sand dunes,
they're deep enough
to hide us,
she says.


Why not?
What if someone
comes over
and sees us?
They see us.


Nothing new
in what we'll be doing.


She drains
her Bacardi,
puts the glass down
on the bar top.


the Moroccan sun? 
Either you do
or you don't,
she says,
getting off
the bar stool,
showing more thigh,
slim legs, sandals.


You drain your wine,
and follow her
from the bar
of the base camp,
and down
between the tents
and onto the beach
towards the sand dunes.


She has a fine sway
of hips, you note
as she walks in front.


The sun warms you,
sand beneath
your feet, some one
plays a flute
from across the way,
a voice sings.


She finds
a deep sand dune,
and you both
get down inside,
she kisses
straight away,
lips to lips stuff,
hands undoing,
and taking
stuff off,
her body drinking
in the sun.


You and the pecker,
ready to go,
and the guys
still singing
from the camp,
flute still playing,
and she smells
of sun oil
and Bacardi
and stale
but its all go
no time
for regrets.

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