The trouble I had
getting out
this morning
Milka said


as she met you
by the bridge
her bicycle


against the hedge
her hair unkempt 
her eyes ablaze 
the jeans


and bright red top
hands on hips
cigarette hanging
from her lower lip


she(her mother)
giving me
the 3rd degree
where was I going


and why?
and O
I could have
pulled my hair out


and stuffed it
here she paused
and breathed in deep
and said


good to see you
she added
blowing out
and trying on


a smile for size
you said
not been


a good start then
she said
had to rush around


like a blue arsed fly
to get the chores
done in time
and then I had


to creep out
before she knew
I'd gone
and my brothers


didn't help
they knew
I was meeting you
but still they


egged her on
you smiled
yes that's what
brothers do


I guess
not funny
she said
seeing you smile


I wanted to see you
and after the last time
and well
that parting kiss


left a lot
to be desired
you stopped smiling
and put on an


I’m sorry I smiled
kind of face
and yes I should have
left with a better kiss


kind of look
so where
are we going then?
you said


not the cinema
sitting in the dark
watching others smooch
while we sit there


like dummies
eating popcorn
or ice creams


valuable time
she said
you said


what about we ride
to the big river
and sit beside it
and catch up


on some
serious kissing
and talking
and stuff


she said frowning
you know


cuddling and such
she pulled a face
and then went
and got her bike


and you both rode
along the lane
to the main road
then rode further


until you came
to the big river
and dismounted
and walked along side


the river bank
pushing the bikes
she still silent
the air fresh


birds in the trees
and flying
now and then


the wide river
and she laid
her bike down
and sat


on the grass
by the river bank
the bushes
giving shelter


the river running
at a steady pace
you sat beside her
taking in


her stare
her silence
like the grave
her hands


on her knees
her knees together
you ever fished here?
you asked


she said
not here
the smaller river


with my brothers
when I was younger
she looked at you
her eyes


scanning you
it's not you
I’m angry with
its her


(her mother)
all this
where are you going
and why stuff 


makes me so boiling
so I could bite
my arm
kind of thing


she said
then smiled
and you smiled too
yes I guess


people get you
that way at times
and she sighed
and looked out


at the water
the air breathed in
and you looking
at the sky


it's going
to be a good day
and kissed her shoulder


and she turned
and kissed your lips
and the whole
my mother


doesn't understand me
and I could stuff
my pulled out hair
up her arse


kind of thought
drifted away
on the kissing lips
and eyes closed


and hands resting
and hugging each other
you smelling
her perfume


(her mother's borrowed)
and she forgetting
and forgiving
her mother.

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